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Terms and Conditions

Holland tattoo shop reserves the right to refuse services, consultations, advice, treatment and/or access to the studio without giving any reason.
Completing and sending a contact form, receiving a consultation, requesting additional information or advice does not entitle you to an answer or treatment. Contact forms are only for requesting treatment appointments. All treatment appointments require a deposit and a written agreement through informconcent, without which an appointment is not possible. There are costs associated with second opinions regarding tattoos not performed by Holland Tattoo Shop.

All access to the studio is by appointment. Access and treatment is 16+. No calling or taking photos in the shop or during the treatment. If desired by the practitioner, the customer will wear protective equipment provided by the Holland tattoo shop, such as a face mask, during treatment. Only the person with an appointment enters. Holland tattoo shop is not responsible for the safety of personal belongings that the customer brings into the studio.

Everything that is not supplied as a directly ready-to-use design, adjustments that need to be signed for and/or are subject to design and drawing costs. All designs are and remain the property of Holland tattoo shop, and are available for tattooing during the appointment not before. The customer is at all times responsible for the content and correct spelling of texts/images. Holland tattoo shop is not responsible for the content, spelling and meaning of texts or symbols or for physical, mental or social consequences resulting from the voluntary choice to have any tattoo or on any part of the body.
Skin is living tissue, healing and end result differ per person depending on skin color, age, general condition and aftercare. Aftercare advice is general, Holland tattoo shop has no control over compliance with and/or consequences/results, the warranty extends to the door.
Holland tattoo shop is not obliged to update/repair tattoos, any costs are borne by the customer.
Provided it is not against personal conviction or not suitable for tattoo designs such as Pinterest drawings, Holland tattoo shop has a neutral attitude to the choice of design and meanings of tattoos. Photos taken by Holland tattoo shop of the tattoo and the process of its creation are used for social media, taking into account the privacy of the customer, unless otherwise agreed.

A non-refundable deposit is required to make a treatment appointment. Down payments will be continued and settled at the final treatment appointment. Down payments are valid up to 1 year after the last treatment, or in the case of a treatment that has yet to be started (1st treatment), 1 year after the informconcent dates. Payment is made in advance and per session. The required number of sessions is an estimate that is as accurate as possible, no rights can be derived from this.
All prices can be adjusted at any time by, among other things, annual indexation by CBS, by changes in expenses through the permit system or by other force majeure or unforeseen situations regarding, for example, hygiene measures. For all treatment, an informconcent(1) must be completed and signed truthfully. A separate waiver must be signed for tattoos on less suitable body parts and face.
All appointments, down payments and tattoos/designs are personal. In the event of cancellation or major changes to/from a design in accordance with the signed agreement as in (1), the down payment and the agreement will lapse. If you do not show up, cancel or do not request to reschedule an appointment in a timely manner and without a clearly communicated urgent reason (2), the deposit and the agreement will be forfeited. Holland tattoo shop is not obliged to complete the tattoo in question as in (2), start it up and/or schedule a new appointment.
Appointments cannot be rescheduled. Exception in a timely manner and with a clearly discussed urgent reason. These are not holidays, lack of money, sunburn or other non-urgent personal appointments. In all of the above situations, space and treatment time have been reserved in the agenda and preparatory work has been carried out specifically aimed and tailored to the tattoo desired by the customer. No term can be attached to a new appointment, and there is no priority for rescheduled appointments. Due to urgent reasons, force majeure such as illness, equipment or power failures, changes made by the government regarding treatments, Holland tattoo shop may be forced to reschedule the treatment appointment. This is a priority and, taking into account the agenda, the waiting time is kept as short as possible. Holland tattoo shop is not responsible for any costs arising from this or you are entitled to a refund of the deposit.