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Prices of Tattoos. How much would a tattoo like this cost?

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Prijzen van tatoeages

Whats hourly rate for tattooing? How much does an arm sleeve, legs sleeve or back piece tattoo cost? What is the price of this tattoo? What are the Prices of tattoos these are questions that you probably have. We would like to go further into this topic .

More people are getting a tattoo. Whether it is a small design or a large, complex image, the price of a tattoo is unfortunately difficult to display online. That is because the price of a tattoo depends on many factors.

Placement on the body and size of the tattoo

A tattoo can be placed almost anywhere on the body, but it goes without saying that a small tattoo usually costs less than a large tattoo that covers an entire body part. But for example atattoo on a hard-to-reach spot such as the inside of a leg or arm can be more expensive because it takes more time to perform.

Do you want Colors or no Colors in your Tattoo?

If you want a tattoo with colors, you will have to take into account more costs. Tattooing colors requires slightly more materials and time than making a tattoo without colors.

Do you want a Detailed design or Simple Design?

A detailed tattoo takes more time and skill to create than a simpler design. If you choose a very detailed or complex tattoo, you will have to take additional costs into account. With us, we do not determine the price of a tattoo directly online, but in person.We have more than 25 years of experience in making tattoos. Everything we do is tailor-made and unique. No two tattoos are the same, we do the best of our capabilities so we can to fulfill your wishes.

Whats the Hourly rate for tattooing

Often other “tattoo shops” charge an hourly rate so you  hear at the end of your session what you have to pay in those shops. Not with us, Since we specialize in larger tattoos, we do not work per hour and we do not charge an hourly price but a fixed price per session. That’s easy and fair, so you always know exactly in advance what you have to pay
We will provide you with an estimate of the number of tattoo sessions during your tattoo consultation before we schedule your tattoo appointments. 

Sessie prijs van een tattoo.

Zoals eerder gezegd werken wij niet per uur maar hanteren wij een vaste prijs per sessie
De prijs per sessie in onze studio is 625€. Hoeveel sessies je nodig hebt is van veel verschillende factoren afhankelijk zoals eerder uitgelegd.

What is the price of a single tattoo

The prices of our Custom Made Larger Tattoos start at €625.

How much does an arm sleeve, legs sleeve or back piece tattoo cost?

That is a question that people often asked loosely, but the answer is quite diverse. This does not necessarily mean that your tattoo will be very expensive. For your arm sleeve or leg sleeve or back piece tattoo you will need several sessions, how much depends on many factors as we have previously explained here. There are many different styles to choose from from a detailed Fine line Black and Gray tattoo , Japanese tattoo , Traditional or Polynesian Tattoo “the granddad of all tattoos”. You will understand that one style is more laborious and therefore requires more time than the other.  For example, for an average arm sleeve, you should assume between 4 and 10 sessions. (note this is only an indication)

The prices of tattoos depend on many factors, but this does not have to be a reason for concern.

By choosing an experienced tattoo artist you can be sure that you will get a top quality tattoo, that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Remember that tattoo prices depend on what
you’re looking for, don’t let that distract you from finding your perfect tattoo!

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