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Growing older with tattoos, how to keep your tattoo beautiful.

“Will you still be happy with your tattoo when you are old?” You probably will hear this question a lot from people without tattoos. Of course you will still wear your tattoos with pride when you are older!

Growing older with tattoos, how to keep your tattoo beautiful. backpiece


What the f@ck?

“ When I look in the mirror I have to throw up, ” says Arnold Schwarzenegger in Muscle and Fitness magazine.
We all are getting older of course, everyone knows that, your body changes, your skin loses its elasticity and your muscles are less visible on the body. But what happens with your tattoos as your body ages? We will go into that further in this post.

What older tattoos looks like?

An older tattoo can certainly still be very beautiful, but as your skin ages, collagen decreases and the your skin loses its elasticity. Furthermore, your skin becomes less even, your tattoo changes together with the changes of your body. How your tattoo will age depends on many different factors.

What factors are affecting your tattoo?

How you care for your tattoo from the start will affect the final result and the later aging process. Always follow your tattoo artist aftercare instructions.

The material used for your tattoo.
If Rembrandt had used finger paint to make the Night Watch, his work would not be hanging in the Rijksmuseum today. The same goes for tattoo pigments, of course.

quality and skill of the tattoo artist
A tattoo will always fade or flow in the skin slightly, and a good tattoo artist ensures that this happens in a controlled manner. This way your tattoo will actually become more beautiful over time.

Choice of design. The tattoo design you pick and the use of the right color combinations are important. Color ink is the firtst to change in the skin, so it is important to choose a good artist and take some advice.

Placement of your tattoo
The place on your body you choose to have your tattoo done makes a difference. Skin is not the same everywhere on your body, some parts pick up more sunlight, such as the neck and hands. There are also parts of your body where your skin is thicker and rougher for natural protection.

Sun or UV light
The sun and UV cause stress and trauma to the skin, which will cause your skin and your tattoo to age faster.

How you treat your body and your skin has some influences on your tattoo. If you have gained or lost a lot of weight, this will affect the elasticity of your skin. Do you smoke? Smoking accelerates the aging process of just about everything in your body.

How to keep your tattoo beautiful?

Avoid damaging the skin by over exposing it to UV light or the sun and always wear sun protection. At least SPF 50 of good quality (It doesn’t have to be the expensive ones that supposed to be especially for tattoos)

Healthy lifestyle, being healthy and looking healthy is often genetics, but you do have some influence on some points. A radiant skin is a healthy skin and that health often comes from within, by eating healthy food, staying well hydrated by drinking enough water and ensuring to have some peace in your way life.

Does your skin / tattoo often look dry?

A tattoo is settled in your skin, the top layer of the epidermis is sometimes a bit dry and looks like a kind of blurry photo filter that goes over your tattoo. What can you do about this dry skin? Drinking enough is one thing, but sometimes more is needed to make your tattoo shine. A moisturizer such as a body lotion or cocoa butter can help to hydrate your skin and keep it supple.

Which tattoo styles remain the most beautiful?

Singleneedle Black and gray tattoo
Black and Gray tattoo as the name suggests has no color ink, colors change and black remains constant. Then why Singleneedle? A well-executed black and gray tattoo needs what you call breathing space in its design, which means that your tattoo design must also have the right proportion of non-tattooed skin compared to sufficient black and gray. This ensures that you always have the right contrasts in your tattoo. Furthermore, a well-executed Singleneedle tattoo always has a beautiful silky soft speckle structure and blends in very nicely with the natural structure of the skin.

“Singleneedle Black and gray tattoos are still very beautiful after years. Can be touched up very well if desired and will then look like completely new”

Polynesian Tattoos
Black and solid tattoos will stay beautiful for a lifetime if done right. link
Japanese Tattoos
A Japanese tattoo will stay beautiful for a lifetime, just like a Polynesian tattoo. Do you have color? Then the colors will change over time, then you can always choose to have your Japanese tattoo refreshed.

Traditional or Neo traditional
A traditional tattoo is bold and strong and proven to withstand time. The strong lines and black shadow will make the colors stand out even if the colors themselves are a bit faded. Link

Growing older with tattoos, how to keep your tattoo beautiful. sold tattoos
by Maarten Emily ©️Holland Tattoo shop

Where on the body does your tattoo look best over time?

The best places are parts of your body that don’t see much sun, such as the inside of your arm. Your skin there is soft, beautiful and smooth, the ideal place for a fine and detailed tattoo.
At number 2: your tattoo will also remain very beautiful on the legs. Other than that, all usual places such as arms, back and shoulders are fine. Less good places for tattoo are hands , neck and face, your tattoo will show signs of aging more quickly on those spots.

In brief:

Protect from the sun Always wear
sunscreen on your tattoo to prevent damage.
Follow aftercare instructions
It is important to take good care of your freshly placed tattoo Hydrate Always drink plenty of water and use a moisturizer Your skin will thank you .

Wear tattoos with pride your whole life.

Your tattoos are more than just an image. They are the markings on your skin from the different eras of your life recorded in ink, wear them with pride and take care of them.



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